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Unleashing Green Power! BatteroTech Kicks off Grid-tied Operations of 7.2MWh Energy Storage Power Station Powered by BTL ESS All-in-one

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BatteroTech’s 7.2MWh energy storage power station built in the Jiashan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang province, has just smoothly launched its grid-tied operations. This project is powered by the 1000V BTL ESS All-in-one, the liquid cooling energy storage system independently researched and developed, designed, and integrated by BatteroTech. Currently, the power station runs full-load trial operations in excellent conditions, marking BatteroTech’s 1000V liquid cooling energy storage system to progressively grow into maturity in product R&D, system design, and engineering delivery.



BTL ESS All-in-one applies to diverse work scenarios ranging from peak load shifting to capacity expansion of the power distribution area, and to grid-tied and off-grid ESS networking applications. The highly-integrated modularized design of this product facilitates function separation and maintenance through the installation of each module in independent zones. This represents another major technological breakthrough made by Batterotech in industrial and commercial energy storage power stations.


Three-phase Four-wire Connections: Low Cost and High Yields

BTL ESS All-in-one has its inverter connected by the three-phase four-wire method, which enables direct Internet connections, supports 100% load imbalance, and eliminates the need to configure extra transformers. This creates a “win-win” situation by saving considerable investment costs and space. In the meantime, it saves the need for configuring transformers, improving the system circular efficiency to up to 90% and thus delivering higher economic yields for customers and clients.

Powerful Adaptability to Environment

BTL ESS All-in-one adopts liquid cooling for the packaged unit, suitable for peak-shaving and valley-filling and beneficial for securing yields for clients in the high-temperature environment in summer. The liquid cooling for the packaged unit contributes to the quick system start and guarantees long system charging and recharging time and high system efficiency.

Multidimensional Safety and Ultra-long Life

Perfluoro(2-methyl-3-pentanone) PACK-level fire-protection system is employed in the packaged unit of BTL ESS All-in-one with the built-in alarm detection module of higher responsiveness. The multiple and multi-point injection mode is utilized, helping targetedly and swiftly control the thermal runaway inside the batteries in the early stages of thermal runaway, which is a multi-dimensional guarantee of safe and reliable system operations. Its exclusive thermal dissipation system controls the temperature differences between battery cells at or below 3℃. Such performance extends the battery life by approximately 20% to increase its usage rate.

Outstanding Comprehensive Performance Empowered by 280Ah Battery Cell

BTL ESS All-in-one is equipped with 280Ah battery cells with ultra-long life that supports over 10,000 cycles of cycle life and multi-scenario applications. Vehicle and vessel energy storage is empowered to accommodate 0.5P/1P usage scenarios, meaning its applicability to power, energy storage, and vessel scenarios, and showing high safety and reliability. BTL ESS All-in-one is certified by GB/UL/IEC/BIS/JET/CCS standards specific to power and energy storage and other Chinese and foreign authoritative industry bodies, and accommodates the application requirements of various global markets, presenting exceptional comprehensive performance.

This project sufficiently leverages the “Time of use tariffs (TOU)” policy in Zhejiang province by implementing the operational strategies of peak-valley price difference arbitrage (two peaks and two valleys each day) and demand management. Annually, 4.5 million kWh of electricity is processed, lowering the power consumption cost of the plant, and delivering good economic benefits.

The project has been connected to the dispatch system of local grids for grid-side demand responses. It is capable of supporting local grid operations with peak-shaving, stand-by power, and other services, which make the electrical system more flexible, economical, and safe.

It holds special significance to establish a new power system oriented by new energy resources to fulfill the climate goals of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking. In addition to profound and ceaseless cultivation in industrial and commercial energy storage, BatteroTech also manages to design the coordinated interaction model of source-network-load-storage that will help with the effective construction of the new power system, enrich its presence in the energy storage market and furnish clients with top-notch whole solutions to advance the sustainable development of global green and new energy resources in concerted efforts.