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Exciting News! BatteroTech Honored with Sungrow “2022 Shield Star” Award

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Sungrow convened its 2023 Global Partner Conference themed under “Momentum, Innovation, Mutual Trust and Symbiosis” on February 21st, 2023. BatteroTech was awarded the reward of “2022 Shield Star” by Sungrow at the conference.



BatteroTech fulfills its commitments through hard work, shoulders responsibility by action, proactively overcomes difficulties with enterprise, and demonstrates “momentum and innovation” through impressive data and “mutual trust and symbiosis ”through real practices. BatteroTech and Sungrow have secured disruptive progress on the partnership in large-capacity and long-life battery products over the last year. BatteroTech has tailor-made upgraded products for Sungrow including energy storage on the residential and source network side, and energy storage power stations with industrial and commercial purposes through ongoing R&D and innovations, which will significantly optimize product performance and cut down system costs. In a word, BatteroTech furnishes the market with ceaseless power by upholding innovation-oriented empowerment.



      Though being exposed to the dual stress from the grim impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the supply shortage in the new energy industry in 2022, BatteroTech actively contributed to its key partnership with Sungrow. Specifically, BatteroTech has managed to well navigate the cooperative opportunities by devoting itself to higher R&D and production efficiency, ensuring timely product delivery, and supporting high-quality services. Such endeavors expedite the in-depth strategic partnership between BatteroTech and Sungrow and both companies forge toward the Sungrow mission of “Clean Power for All” in concerted work.