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BatteroTech 53Ah&65Ah Battery Cells with Ultra-high Power Respond to Diverse Market Demands

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Since residential energy storage is inextricably linked to photovoltaic (PV), local users in regions beyond China with high PV penetration successively adopt the power consumption mode characterized by “rooftop PV + residential energy storage” to guarantee stable power consumption and address the burden of a high electricity bill arising from energy crisis.

Following the in-depth fusion of PV and ESS (energy storage system), higher requirements continue to be proposed for the supporting battery cells to supply high power and even ultra-high power discharge in order to meet real-time linkage and the second-level and millisecond-level power responses.

Informatization and digitalization have covered global development across the board in the meantime. Safety and energy consumption issues of equipment progressively emerge from the continuous popularization of data center facilities like IDC. Insuring stable electricity supplies by configuring UPS has grown into a rigid demand. In detail, higher requirements are put forward for the power of battery cells supporting UPS so as to furnish stand-by power that is timely delivered, and stably and safely operated.  

On the market front, R&D of batteries will manage to substantially increase economic efficiency if it can satisfy diverse demands and unlock various application scenarios.

In answer to this call, BatteroTech has rolled out its 53Ah&65Ah LFP battery cell products equipped with an energy density of 145-180Wh/kg, over 6,000 cycles of cycle life, and applicability in UPS and diverse scenarios.



Noticeably, BatteroTech’s 53Ah&65Ah LFP battery cells reduce the tortuosity of the pole piece as enabled by the gradient pole-piece design. Moreover, it decreases the direct current internal resistance (DCIR) and enhances the magnified charging-discharging abilities of battery cells by a large margin using low-impedance electrolytes and deep optimization of nano lithium iron phosphate materials. 


01 Battery Cells with Ultra-high Power Respond to Diverse Market Demands

PV-ESS fusion transforms the integration of rooftop PV and residential energy storage into the major energy storage means for overseas families. The battery cell is required of a 0.5-1C magnification. On the front of data center demands, sudden power blackout or restoration will permanently damage the servers in data centers due to the transiently high voltage and currents it generates. 

BatteroTech 53&65 Ah battery cells are capable of a continuous discharging rate above 6C and apply to scenarios of PV-ESS fusion, stabilized voltage supply of UPS, and stand-by power at the same time.



BatteroTech applies the gradient pole-piece design to the preparations of pole pieces, enlarges the contact area between the electrode and electrolyte, and shortens the ionic transport path with the scientific design of the low-tortuosity electrode and high-ion migration passage through innovative processing. This all upgrades the high-power performance of battery cells. 

In addition, BatteroTech reduces the lithium-oxygen bond energy and significantly increases the ionic transport speed and electrical conductivity of electrons by decreasing the bandgap width with high-valence doping by upgraded lithium iron phosphate materials. BatteroTech thus enables the continuous cycles of a magnification rate above 6C and ultra-high power output under extremely low temperatures.


02 Long Cycle Life Design Ensures Economic Efficiency


The UPS battery cell requires at least 2,500 cycles of cycle life, while the existing mainstream lead-acid battery fails to fully fulfill the service performance of UPS. Lithium-ion battery, however, makes an ideal alternative to the lead-acid battery in terms of UPS applications.

Long cycle life and high-power battery cells constitute the competitive edges for BatteroTech to access diversified scenarios based on comprehensive considerations.

According to BatteroTech, its 53 & 65Ah battery cells have lengthened the cycle life under different conditions by materials innovations.

1C/1C runs a cycle life of over 6,000 cycles in normal temperatures, while the 1C/6C cycle life under continuous charging and discharging outstrips 3,000 cycles. BatteroTech 53&65Ah battery cells can have a service life of more than 10 years in residential scenarios. 

In terms of cycle life in high temperatures, the low-impedance electrolyte formulation has been designed by BatteroTech to shape a compact, uniform, and lithophilic CEI interface, decreasing the transfer impedance on the ion interface, and heightening the ionic migration coefficient with the imported salt of high dissociation stability. Cycle life under a 45high temperature environment can outnumber 3,500 cycles. The adoption of an ultra-wide temperature system design supports the application of the whole temperature domain (-40~70) and a floating charging life of over 100,000 hours.


03 Countdown to Mass Production

The costs of battery cells are saved by putting them into mass production as enabled by improving the battery cell preparation processing and planning production capacity. BatteroTech 53&65Ah battery cells are manufactured by the latest generation of winding processing at or above the 2m/s speed, which cuts down the manufacturing cost of the battery cell by a significant margin.

Regarding the production line design, BatteroTech has concluded its product holding and ensured its integrated production line design keeps up with the mass production takt time (TT) exceeding 45ppm, that is to say, the capacity to produce 45 battery cells of the 53Ah or 65Ah format.

Concerning production capacity planning, BatteroTech’s project to increase its production capacity by 45GWh has concluded its official signing in Jiashan, Zhejiang province, scheduling the construction of 16 battery cell production lines. The three-phase projects are anticipated to register an annual production capacity of more than 77 GWh upon its establishment. Further supported by Batterotech’s preparation capacity of 2GWh/year for a single production line, BatteroTech 53Ah&65Ah battery cells will surely secure the ability to be speedily responsive to a wide variety of market demands.