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BatteroTech 230Ah Battery Cell Designated as Battery-swap Heavy-duty Truck Double Spot

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Battery-swap heavy-duty truck has emerged as a promising niche lithium-ion battery market.

Related data show that 11,526 heavy-duty trucks were sold accumulatively in Q1 2023, up by 14% year on year. The compound growth rate of new energy heavy-duty trucks between 2022 and 2027 is forecasted to reach 19% and its market scale may exceed 30 billion RMB yuan by 2027.

According to the latest-released 373rd notice on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturer and Products on July 14th, 2023, there are 35 models of battery-swap heavy-duty trucks out of the 43 models of battery-swap trucks listed in the battery-swap truck notice, accounting for 81.4%.


SAIC HONGYAN Automotive and FAW Jiefang officially designated BatteroTech as the specific spot for their battery-swap heavy-duty trucks. As from the announcement date, BatteroTech shall supply 284KWh lithium-ion power batteries for FAW Jiefang 6x4 battery-swap truck tractors and SAIC HONGYAN Automotive 8x4 battery-swap dump trucks.


BatteroTech has been designated as the spot for battery-swap heavy-duty trucks multiple times. According to the 363rd notice issued last year, BatteroTech became the designated spot of cooperation for batter-swap heavy-duty trucks of Jianghuai Automobile (JAC). It supports 230Ah battery cells with a total of 284KWh power for 4X2 batter-swap tractors at JAC Gallop.


     The BatteroTech battery cell product designated by SAIC HONGYAN Automotive and FAW Jiefang, BatteroTech 230Ah, operates with a 185KW/h energy density and a normal-temperature cycle life of over 7,000 cycles, which ensures excellent cycle life and amplification performance.


The high performance of the BatteroTech 230Ah battery cell characterized by long cycle life and high energy density makes it the effective solution to range anxiety and operational efficiency of battery-swap heavy-duty trucks.



The electrification of heavy-duty trucks is continuously expedited. On the one hand, battery-swap heavy-duty trucks are now as economical as diesel trucks with an even lower total cost. On the other hand, supported by the preferential policies on purchase tax, the battery-swap heavy-duty trucks will be more broadly penetrated.


The fact that FAW Jiefang 6x4 battery-swap semi-trailer heavy-duty truck tractors and SAIC HONGYAN Automotive 8x4 battery-swap dump trucks are equipped with BatteroTech 230Ah battery cells demonstrates the concrete facilitation of the green transition in the Chinese automobile industry and proactive explorations of furthering low-carbon, zero-carbon, and commercial vehicle marketization.


BatteroTech has been dedicated to self-independent R&D and innovations and supplying customers and clients with green services and solutions of higher levels since its inception. Being designated as the spot for two companies’ battery-swap trucks demonstrates how BatteroTech has progressively been recognized and favored by the market as the result of its ceaseless work and contributions in the commercial vehicle area.


It is noted that in addition to the battery-swap heavy-duty truck field, BatteroTech taps into various lithium-ion battery niche markets by researching and developing a wide offering of battery cell products and preparing for fulfilling future demands with a sufficient production capacity.


In March 2023, BatteroTech’s project of increasing the production capacity by 45GWh concluded its official signing in Jiashan, planning the construction of 16 battery cell production lines. In May 2023, the BatteroTech 230Ah battery cell rolled off its mass production line.


BatteroTech officially launched the Phase I project in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province in June 2022, and signed the Phase II 16GWh project in Jiashan on the first day of its construction. The three-phase projects are anticipated to realize an overall annual production capacity of 77GWh.