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BatteroTech 314Ah Battery Cell Makes Brand-new Upgrade and Impressive Debut!

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SNEC 16th (2022) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition unveiled its grand opening in the Shanghai New International Expo Center on the morning of May 24th, 2023. The BatteroTech exhibition booth was awash with visitors who expressed their expectations for the product promotional event co-held by BatteroTech and Sungrow on the first day of SNEC. Dr Chao Yajun, BatteroTech Chief Strategy Officer, and Dr Cai Zhuang from the Production Center at the Energy Storage Division at Sungrow both joined the promotional event to contribute their ideas.



The BatteroTech 314Ah energy storage battery cell featuring large capacity and prolonged life has made its stunning debut at this promotional event. 314Ah large-capacity battery cell is BatteroTech’s latest energy storage product rolled out after its 280Ah and 306Ah products, featuring the performance edge of “1 precise kWh” as the cell energy and life have been fully elevated based on existing products and can reduce the comprehensive cost of the energy storage system.

Dr Chao Yajun, BatteroTech Chief Strategy Officer commented on the promotional event that the 314Ah large-capacity battery cell meets all standards, and reduces the initial cost by 3% and life cycle cost by 20% while ensuring high safety.



According to Mr. Chao, companies are not necessarily required to endlessly develop battery cells of a much higher capacity, a trend that the industry is pursuing now. That is because the capacity could always be enlarged while batteries with large capacity may not perform better. The performance, manufacturing costs, and capacities shall be taken into comprehensive consideration. In this sense, only through coordinated and balanced development on each front could we leverage the utmost strength and fulfill customer and client demands.  



Sungrow, the crucial partner of BatteroTech, agrees with this argument. The press at the event was informed by Dr Cai Zhuang that, “Though the ampere-hour (Ah) of battery capacity varies in the market, it turns out to be the same according to the client values and real-world applications, which confuses clients and customers. I hope that the public can reasonably view the battery's nominal capacity at this stage. Meanwhile, we appeal to the battery industry to unify how the nominal capacity should be defined, prioritize client interests, formulate industry criteria, and regulate corporate activity so that the end users have their application demands guaranteed.”



Dr Cai added, “We share the same cooperation concept with BatteroTech, namely, long-term partnership, and mutual assistance, and growth. We aspire to facilitate global green and new energy resources in joint hands with BatteroTech.” This statement expresses his significant endorsement of BatteroTech and his expectation for further in-depth bilateral partnership!

Why is the “314Ah” model chosen?

According to Dr Cai, firstly, 314Ah battery cells exactly build up 5MWh battery arrays with the least overweight, saving initial investment costs for clients. Secondly, 314Ah fulfills the national GB 36276 standard that charging and discharging power at the Pack-level and Rack-level must be equivalent to or above the rated battery capacity. This “wring out” the fishy content of the battery's nominal capacity. And having a nominal capacity of 314Ah battery cells “depools” the battery capacity and shapes ultimate cost-effectiveness.

SNEC 16th (2022) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition and “10 Highlight Release” were organized on the afternoon of May 25th, 2023. BatteroTech 314Ah battery cell was under the spotlight again as one of the 10 highlights of this exhibition.



Besides being compatible with a large capacity, the design of BatteroTech’s brand-new 314Ah cell solves the technical difficulty, namely the incompatibility between “long cycle life” and “high energy density” of energy storage battery cells, and dually elevates the energy density and cycle life. Currently, BatteroTech has met the certification requirements proposed by Chinese and global authoritative institutions including GB/UL/IEC standards for energy storage, and satisfies the application in various overseas markets.